The island of love – Santorini

Santorini is world renown for being “the island of love”. Located it the Aegean Sea, not far from Southern Greece, Santorini has become a popular and charming romantic destination for the couples from all over the world, also thanks to its favourable positione which allows for breathtaking sunsets every day of the year.

And the locals, maybe inspired by the wonderful colours of the sky, didn’t miss any chance to promote their land. Luxury hotels, beautiful resorts on the seaside, free wi-fi on the beach, intercom under the beach umbrella and any other comfort for an unforgettable Greek holiday.

Every place on the beach works during the day as swimming pool with bar, and at sunset it starts with happy-hour, live music and disco lounge all night long. In the characteristic small villages you will find charming cafes on the reef which pump up the volume at night and offer tasty snacks coupled by excellent wine to be sipped in front of the stunning natural landscapes.

Every day the show starts again but it’s never the same show: every sunset has a different tone and with every trip there is a new flavour to discover, a new sweet music to listen.

Everything in Greece is, well… Greek! Tradition is rooted in every corner, ready to enthral the visitors with its magic. But this doesn’t come without hard work and careful preparation. All the year is spent to prepare every detail for the summer season, and from June to September the people work relentlessly to astonish the tourists and to welcome them with a warm and sincere smile.

And so on with the waiter, the restaurant owner, the petrol pump attendant, the sailor who guided us on our tours. The latter speaks five languages and is studying the sixth one while he plans to build with his own hands a typical Greek inn to employ the rest of his family.

That’s how Santorini gains its romanticism, through the people’s passion for their work, their land and their traditions.

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